We don’t want to send our student data

We understand that sometimes you need parental permission to send over your student data! We have developed a way you can do this so it is the parents who add the student details.

This way parents are giving consent for their child’s details to be on the system by signing up themselves.


Send out one of our draft letters to your parents which will explain that in signing up they are agreeing to their child’s details appearing on your Squad In Touch account. 

When the parents sign up they will input their child’s name and any further details into the sign up form.


You can personalise the above form when parents are registering, for example you can ‘hide’ certain fields, or make others an optional / required area for them to fill out. To personalise your parents sign up form, when adding their child(ren), please get in touch with our support team.


You will then receive a ‘new user’ request via your console, you can select to accept the parent.


Choose the option ‘add new child’ this will then automatically place the student and their details into your Squad In Touch account and they will be available for selection on team sheets.



Following this you will then need to accept the parent onto the system.

Thank you for joining Squad In Touch