How to accept parents

Parents will need to be accepted by the school to allow them access to the software.


Go to your ‘console’ and click on ‘New Requests’ 

parents accept 1


See the credentials of the parental request and cross check them with your details for that parent. Click ‘edit’ and accept their request if everything lines up. Please note it is not Squad In Touch’s responsibility to check the parent’s credentials, that is the responsibility of the school.

Parents accept 2


Once you have accepted their request assign them to the correct child. The fields that you need to enter in order to determine the correct child can be edited based on your schools needs. Please get in touch with our support team to find out more or to change the required fields.

parents 3

The parent will now have access to the system


Alternatively, if you would like to have an option for parents to be automatically accepted onto your system via a unique code please get in touch with a member of the Squad In Touch team and we are more than happy o provide you with further information.

Thank you for joining Squad In Touch!