Team Names

When naming your team we advise that you call it whatever you wish, however please note you do not need to include the name of the sport within the teams name. Each team is assigned to a sport when you create it. If you call your football team ‘U11B’ then the sport will be automatically […]

Game Types

When selecting type of games you would like to play some sports have up to three options to choose from, see below for different descriptions to help you when creating your fixture: ‘Individual’, for example – Bowling (Individual) Individual means that the students are playing as individuals, therefore they do not have any team members. For […]

Update your team

Circumstances may mean that you need to update / change your team members. Click on the event that needs to be changed To add or edit team members click the edit button Insert team members names and press Save. The fixture will appear in your calendar Thank you for joining squad in touch!

Select Your Team Later

Sometimes you might not know who your team members will be, however you could know other fixture details, such as the date and time, year group(s) taking part, venue, etc. In this case you are able to create a fixture containing all details you have while specifying “Select Team later”. You will then be able to the […]

Creating a team

Select the Teams tab. To add a new team click the  (add team) button. Specify the team attributes.  After you have selected gender and age group the list of students matching your criteria will be displayed.  Start by entering characters of the student’s name to add them or locate them quickly. Students will be filtered to match the […]

Creating a team for an inter house event

Sometimes it is useful to have configured team for inter house competitions. Creating such a team is almost the same as creating a normal team, you only need to tick the “Filtered by house” box. To add an inter-schools fixture, go to the events tab and click on the date in the calendar you would like to […]