Game Types

When selecting type of games you would like to play some sports have up to three options to choose from, see below for different descriptions to help you when creating your fixture:


‘Individual’, for example – Bowling (Individual)

Individual means that the students are playing as individuals, therefore they do not have any team members. For this game type you can have as many players as you like.



Team’, for example – Canoeing (Team)

Team means that the game will be played as a team against another team, the sporting activity will normally have ‘team’ after it if it can also be done on an individual basis.



‘Mini-Tournament’, for example – Rowing (Mini-Tournament)

For a mini-tournament you can have as many teams as you need, please see the ‘mini-tournament’ post for more details on creating a mini-tournament. When creating a mini-tournament you can only position the teams. You cannot add final times or scores. For example when closing the event 1 = 1st place.



‘1 x 1’, for example – Boccia (1 x 1)

This means that a game type is one student playing against another student, for example like in Karate or Judo. You can have as many students as you like playing against one another.


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