Managing school details


To be able to manage school details you have to log in as School admin or School manager.

To alter your school details, click on the edit button (as indicated by the red arrow below)



You can make amendments to your school page as described below:

– Uploading your school logo which will be displayed in fixture details as well as when sending sports invites to highlight availability;

– Changing the name of your school;

– Adding a description which will be displayed on your public sports website;

– Entering your contact details including school official email, sports department email and phone number;

– Specifying your school address and postcode;

– Modifying domain name which will be used for generating your public sports website address.




You can also specify your public sports website access settings. 

Options available are as follows:

 -Allowed – your school public sports website will be available to everyone without any limitations;

– Protected – you will be able to set a password required for accessing your public sports website. It is useful while you are in process of adjusting your public sports website appearance, adding pictures to the gallery, publishing news and while you still are getting to know Squad In Touch features and benefits;

– Disabled – in the unlikely event you do not want your dedicated public sports software created or active you can deactivate it by clicking this option. 

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Also, from this screen you can enable your big screen functionality – please get in touch with our support team to let us know what you would like to appear on there.

You can also enable student registration, and the ability for parents to accept students onto the system that parents have requested (if they are not already on your system).

Finally you are able to decide how students names appear to the public, on team sheets that are sent to opposing schools and also on your public website team sheets. You can either select for first name and the first letter of the surname to be show or you can choose for just students initials to be shown.

Do not forget to press the CONTINUE button to save your changes.


Thank you for joining Squad In Touch!