Creating an inter school fixture


To add an inter-schools fixture, go to the events tab and click on the date in the calendar you would like to create an event on.


Click ‘Add New Event’



Insert the time of your fixture along with the game. Specify the ‘Game Type’ as inter-schools. 


Add your opposition school and the postcode where the fixture is taking place. If you do not know either of these yet then specify them as To Be Decided or ‘TBD’



Insert your team list, if you do not know the team yet then click ‘Select team later’ and Click ‘Finish’. Always make sure you add your team name to the fixture, otherwise you will not be able to click ‘Finish’


Select whether you would like to save the team or only use it for this event and click ‘Create’



If the opposition school does not have a Squad In touch account then the game will automatically be accepted.


However, if they do have a Squad In Touch account you will not be able to ‘close’ the event until they have accepted. In creating the event it will automatically send an event invitation to the opposing school. Also, please note that you will only be able to see the opposing teams first names and the first letter of their surnames.


You have now successfully created an inter schools fixture.

Thank you for joining Squad In Touch!