Adding action photos

Photos can be added at any time, before or after the game is closed and scores are set. When adding pictures from your PC or laptop you can choose from pictures you had saved. When using a mobile app you can take photos and upload them right from the pitch.


To add a photo select a fixture and click the Add photo button.

Select a picture on your device.
The photo will then appear in the fixture gallery.
By default all photos you add to the fixture are classified as private photos which only you have access to. To change access permissions click on the photo and select an appropriate access type.
Having selected the “Public” access level you make the photo available for viewing on the school’s public sports website (this option is only available for school internal users, parents can not set any photo as public).
To access the public gallery select a fixture on the public website.
Click the fixture to view its details and all photos will appear here for the relevant fixture.
If you would like to hide students faces as they are not able to have their photos appearing on the website, please see how to below:
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