Signing your school up to Squad In Touch


To sign up your school you need to create a new account and request School Admin permissions. Go to the Squad In Touch log in page 

Choose to login or create a new account


When creating a new account, complete the registration form. Verification codes will be sent to confirm the account therefore an active email address and phone number will be required.

To protect your account please ensure your password is at least 8 characters long, using a combination of upper-case and lower-case  letters and numbers.

Having completed all fields, read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and tick to agree. Then click CONTINUE.


Please use the verification codes we sent you to verify and activate your account. You will then automatically be transferred to the next page.

sign up 3

Now you need to select yourself to be a member of staff and the name of your school.  

Having selected a user type enter a few letters of your school name and a drop down list will appear for you to select from. Click CONTINUE.



role you are going to join Squad In Touch with. When signing up a new school you should select a “School admin” role. This is the role which enables you to set up the school account. Specify school settings and manage other users’ permissions.

You can add comments to your registration if you wish. If you have a promotional code please enter it in the relevant field.


Your registration is now complete. Your account should be confirmed by the system administrator after having contacted your school.


Thank you for joining Squad In Touch!