I don’t know the fixture venue yet

Sometimes you might not know who your team member will be, however you could know other fixture details, such as the date and time, year group(s) taking part, venue, etc.

In this case you are able to create a fixture containing all details you have while specifying “Select Team later”. You will then be able to the team any time before or after the game has taken place.


Select the Events tab

SquadInTouch (30)

Select a date and click the Add event button

SquadInTouch (31)

Specify the start time, select a game and choose pupils gender(s) and year groups. Also specify if the event is inter-schools, Houses or internal. When you have completed all the fields click Continue.

SquadInTouch (33)


Select that your venue is still to be decided ‘TBD’

don't know venue 1

Click Continue


Add in the students who are playing in the fixture

Select team 4

Click Finish


If you want to edit the venue, click on the edit game button.

Change venue 1

Then edit the venue

Change venue 2

 Click Save.

Thank you for joining Squad In Touch!