How do I add a favourite venue?

You are able to add other venues that the fixture will be taking place in (when your fixture is at a leisure centre or sports field for example) There are two ways you can achieve this:

Method one: via the console01From your summary page, head over to the ‘Console’ and select ‘Venues’. Then click the add venue button venue 2

venue 1

Once you have selected add venue, you will be redirected to the form shown below, add the name of your venue and the postcode. Press save and your venue will now appear when you are creating a fixture. Also, if the pin doesn’t appear in the place you would like it to, you are able to drag it to the correct place.

venue 3

Method 2: via the fixture


Create an event as normal, go from the summary page go to your ‘Events’ page and click ‘Create a new event’ Then following this set up the event as normal until you get to ‘postcode’

venue 4

When you get to ‘postcode’ input the postcode of the new venue you will be playing at and then press the star.

venue 503Fill in the form that pops up by inputting the name of your new venue and then press save. Your venue will now appear in the drop down every time you create a new fixture.

venue 6

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